How To Own Your Zip Code

What Does it Take To Dominate Your Space?

Having dominated several spaces in a few industries, I’d say it takes an understanding that it can be done.

Most people do not realize the significance of accomplishing this task. They think that one site on page one of the search engines is sufficient. Like the old joke, what do you call a bus load of lawyers going over a cliff? A good start. One site ranking high is definitely a good start. But who told the business owner that one site was enough? Why haven’t there been other gurus out there who pushed for more than one web property on the first pages? If they were so good, why didn’t they rank more. Chances are they didn’t believe it themselves. When you arrive on Page One, you (and they) figured it was enough. They were proud that they could even do that. The question you could have asked was, why’d you stop at one property?  (more…)

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