Does My Business Need a Website?

Does My Business Need a Quality Website?

First of all, you’re on the internet and you’re asking this question? Think about it. You may not have to read any further. Your small business website should be the first thing on your mind!

Most of the time the answer to this questions is ‘most definitely.’ On those rare occasions, the answer is ‘are you nuts?’ You see, businesses large and small can benefit from establishing a web presence. Notice I didn’t say “owning a website,” though that may very well be the case. Establishing and maintaining a web presence can be with a blog, videos, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any number of social media outlets. Of course it can mean building and maintaining a business website. In fact, it would be very wise to build more than one website, but that’s the subject for another article at a different time. Here are four main reasons I believe you should develop your own business website.

1). Your competition has at least one site. How do I know this? It’s the nature of competition! Don’t believe me, do a search for what you think people would be searching for in your industry and in your location. What shows up? Not just one of your competition, but all of them. They’re all out there. But you say, “how could I possibly compete with someone who’s already established on the internet?” It happens all the time. Like they say in the lottery world, if you don’t play you can’t win. In your world, if you aren’t online, very few people can find you.

2). There’s really no reason not to. I know that sounds like a false reason, but if your competition is there, what’s stopping you from showing up one day giving them a run for their money? Investing in a good quality site could be the best money you could spend. I don’t say that as a web designer; I say that as a smart business man who knows value. It might take a bit out of the cash flow early on, but it will pay off in droves later down the road.

3). People are searching online for your business. Again, how do I know that? Statistics show that more than 70% of people searching for a product do so online before they go to buy it. Sometimes they’ll buy it online too. If that’s where your customers are, why wouldn’t you want to be there too? They’re searching for you; why are you so hard to find?

4). People can get to know you before coming to your shop. Most websites generally include pages such as Contact Us, Testimonials, About Us, Products, and The Team. Those are all about answering common questions visitors to your site have. If they are looking for your industry at 2 a.m., all your information will be there. Or would you rather they call you at that hour? Remember, those are your customers. If you aren’t on this world wide web, nobody will know you exist. That’s only partially true now, but will be even more so in the not too distant future. You owe it to your customers to be there for them. And besides, you are a better choice for your customers than your competition, aren’t you?

I’ve addressed a few of the reasons you need a web presence. From there you can include the web address on your business cards, brochures, flyers, promotions, and emails. Hiring a quality web designer just makes good business sense.

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