How To Own Your Zip Code

What Does it Take To Dominate Your Space?

Having dominated several spaces in a few industries, I’d say it takes an understanding that it can be done.

Most people do not realize the significance of accomplishing this task. They think that one site on page one of the search engines is sufficient. Like the old joke, what do you call a bus load of lawyers going over a cliff? A good start. One site ranking high is definitely a good start. But who told the business owner that one site was enough? Why haven’t there been other gurus out there who pushed for more than one web property on the first pages? If they were so good, why didn’t they rank more. Chances are they didn’t believe it themselves. When you arrive on Page One, you (and they) figured it was enough. They were proud that they could even do that. The question you could have asked was, why’d you stop at one property?  (more…)

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Does My Business Need a Website?

Does My Business Need a Quality Website?

First of all, you’re on the internet and you’re asking this question? Think about it. You may not have to read any further. Your small business website should be the first thing on your mind!

Most of the time the answer to this questions is ‘most definitely.’ On those rare occasions, the answer is ‘are you nuts?’ You see, businesses large and small can benefit from establishing a web presence. Notice I didn’t say “owning a website,” though that may very well be the case. Establishing and maintaining a web presence can be with a blog, videos, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any number of social media outlets. Of course it can mean building and maintaining a business website. In fact, it would be very wise to build more than one website, but that’s the subject for another article at a different time. Here are four main reasons I believe you should develop your own business website. (more…)

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Four Reasons to Avoid Low Priced Web Designers

Four Reasons to Avoid Low Priced Web Designers

You see the low priced web designers all over the internet: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and craigslist. Their offer looks very seductive and enticing. You can get a great five-page website for $69 or $99 dollars. What’s not to like about that kind of offer? Is it an offer that’s too good to be true or are there other factors involved in those offers?

Let me tell you a little about those lowball offers. (more…)

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What is the Most Important Part of a Business Website?

What is the Most Important Part of a Small Business Website?

The answer to this questions isn’t as simple as it sounds. If you talk to search engine optimization (SEO) folks, they’d say that SEO is what you should focus on. If you talk to web design folks, they might tell you ease of use or simplicity, but the answer is even simpler than that.

No matter what else you do with your site, if it does not have a strong call to action, it really doesn’t help the company brand. What do I mean by that?  (more…)

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Four Reasons Business Owners Should Not Design Their Own Websites

Four Compelling Reasons Business Owners Should Never Design Their Own Websites

So you want to save a few bucks? That’s highly understandable if you’re flying by the seat of your pants in your business. But consider the costs of designing a website yourself.

First, to be honest, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. You see the advertisements on the web for “build it yourself” software such as Wix, and it’s relatively cheap. In many cases it’s free. What could be better than free? Think about it logically though. Why are they offering it for free? How does that company make money? And you know they make money! Consider their advertising? How do they pay for it? Any number of ways really. They may only give you a limited set of features and require you to pay a monthly fee anyhow. Plus you may not get a decent domain name, that is, unless you pay for your very own. Now, these are not deal breakers in and of themselves, but I’m just telling you that you may get what you pay for. (more…)

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How Many Websites Do You Really Need?

How Many Websites are Enough?

So, how many websites are enough for your business? The obvious answer is one but read a bit further. You may change your opinion after reading. The answer to this question is like answering the question, “How long is a piece of rope?”

Answer: It depends. (more…)

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Clarity: The Key to Great Web Design

The Problem: You’re Trying to Answer Too Many Questions

It’s frustrating to see every day. People manage websites but there really is no clear call to action on the front page. It’s what the sports people call an “unforced error.” it’s needless because the entire concept hadn’t been thought through.

The problem with business websites is that business owners want to control everything…to their own detriment. Owners want to show everybody their latest and greatest toys while neglecting the very people they are trying to impress. They put a phone number on the front page but it’s not clickable. They put a web form for people to fill out but it’s not easy to fill out. Or worse yet, they have no clear calls to action anywhere on their site. They want to over inform about their services. In reality, though, all of this undermines what they really want – more sales. So, how does a small business owner overcome this? (more…)

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Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Congratulations, you’re online. Now what? So what’s the big deal?

Most small business owners want to run their businesses and not have to worry about web design, hosting, domain names, WordPress, html, optimization, SEO – whatever that is! – call to action, headers, footers, content, video, mobile, responsive, user interface, user experience, blogs, search engines, social media, and logos. (more…)

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