Four Reasons to Avoid Low Priced Web Designers

Four Reasons to Avoid Low Priced Web Designers

You see the low priced web designers all over the internet: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and craigslist. Their offer looks very seductive and enticing. You can get a great five-page website for $69 or $99 dollars. What’s not to like about that kind of offer? Is it an offer that’s too good to be true or are there other factors involved in those offers?

Let me tell you a little about those lowball offers. First, it is too good to be true. No one can reasonably charge that little and still make a fantastic profit. She can build that site but it probably won’t take long to build it and it’ll come, without a doubt, with several upsells. Often the web design is a ruse to get you to purchase monthly search engine optimization “specials” for your business. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve done it in the past. I didn’t make a killing at it but there was always an upsell that was hard to resist asking for.

Secondly, let’s do some basic math. Suppose a web designer only charges $25 per hour, which is extremely low according to all the web folks I’ve spoken with. With only two hours of work, the designer has come close to maxing out in costs. He still has to account for a domain, hosting, plugins, social media exposure, logos, and content. Somewhere along the line this person is skimping on something. The problem is, we don’t know where he’s skimping so you’ll always have a question in the back of your mind about the designer’s authenticity. You will probably benefit from a low price site, but it will still come at a cost. Sometimes the costs are hidden into future maintenance and updates. When you get tapped for two hours of work at $75 per hour, then you’ll know you were lowballed initially. It’s happened a lot in this industry and it’s a blight against doing business with irreputable companies.

Low Priced Web Designers Lack Credibility

Thirdly, time. How credible can their ad really be? Think about it. If they were good in SEO and web design, shouldn’t their stuff be front and center on the internet for keywords you’d be searching for? At the very least, the SEO should be spot on. They shouldn’t need to lower prices just to get business. They should be charging premium because of their skills.

Lastly, chances are good that these web designers don’t do this full time and are doing it for a side hobby just to see if they have the skills and the stamina to make a few bucks on the side. Is that wrong? Not at all. It’s how most designers start out. The problem comes when you want to make changes to your site a year down the road and they’re not around. Do you just go begin your search for a new designer all over again? It seems like a waste of time but it’s what you’ll end up doing. If, however, you were paying someone a small fee each month, then the same company or person who created your site would make those minor changes. They know your site and what you want.

Going with web designers who do not charge a lot of money for their services is not necessarily wrong on the face of it. Just know, though, that going into the relationship that there could be problems.

As I said, you can find these web designers who will create a fabulous, no-worry site, but you may have to sift through a couple of agencies before you land on one that is competent and above-board. You may get lucky on your first call. Or you may be calling the professionals after the 7th or 70th attempt at updating your site. What’s the old Midas Muffler commercial: You can pay me now or you can pay me later.

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