Four Reasons Business Owners Should Not Design Their Own Websites

Four Compelling Reasons Business Owners Should Never Design Their Own Websites

So you want to save a few bucks? That’s highly understandable if you’re flying by the seat of your pants in your business. But consider the costs of designing a website yourself.

First, to be honest, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. You see the advertisements on the web for “build it yourself” software such as Wix, and it’s relatively cheap. In many cases it’s free. What could be better than free? Think about it logically though. Why are they offering it for free? How does that company make money? And you know they make money! Consider their advertising? How do they pay for it? Any number of ways really. They may only give you a limited set of features and require you to pay a monthly fee anyhow. Plus you may not get a decent domain name, that is, unless you pay for your very own. Now, these are not deal breakers in and of themselves, but I’m just telling you that you may get what you pay for.

Along that lines, if you spend time learning a content management platform such as WordPress, it can get frustrating. WP touts itself at being very user friendly, and to an extent it is. It can, however, be very frustrating when you’re just starting out. What you will end up doing is hiring a decent web designer and pay extra to have that company fix what you started.

Secondly, because you probably aren’t a web design expert, you may not know the elements that go into great web design. It’s not just about putting up a few coordinated colors and a home page. There’s actually a science involved in great web design. If you get that wrong, nobody will know your website exists. It follows that they won’t know your company exists too.

Thirdly, good web design necessarily involves good search engine optimization or SEO as it’s called. SEO and web designs go hand in hand. Yes, you can probably throw thousands of links at your site to get it ranking, but the search engines have gotten a lot smarter. On page web design is just as important if not more important that links you can point to your site. If you don’t know that the search engines will slap your site silly, and in the long run, you will regret it.

Lastly, how valuable is your time? Seriously think about it. It takes competent web designers years to become comfortable with the ins and outs of good design. Plus they have to know basic what works (and doesn’t work) in basic SEO. A good web designer is well worth the $80-120 per hour she charges to get you up and running. They are more than happy to fix your errors too, again, at those hourly fees. Instead of taking weeks to get something going for your company, good designers can do it in a couple of days or less depending on their workload and being able to get the necessary starting information from you.

So, it is entirely true that you as a business owner can build your own site at minimal cost. But it may not be beneficial in the long run. If you’re on a shoestring budget, ask a decent web designer if he offers a payment plan. If he knows you’re serious about your business, then he may very well offer a monthly plan that will suit your needs and budget. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars but be very wary of those who charge $99 or some ridiculously low fee. You ultimately get what you pay for.

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