Small Business SEO: Dominate Your Zip Code the Easy Way

Small Business SEO to Dominate Your Zip Code

Want to dominate your zip code? Video education is the best kept secret in all of the small business SEO – search engine optimization – industry. We have all heard the statistics that 100 hours are being uploaded per minute on Youtube. That’s an amazing volume of video to consume. How then can a small business owner compete with such competition? I mean, how could anyone possibly get more eyes on your video than the latest Fancy Cat, Instant Karma, or the latest Justin Bieber video? The good news is that you don’t need to. Let me explain. (more…)

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Clarity: The Key to Great Web Design

The Problem: You’re Trying to Answer Too Many Questions

It’s frustrating to see every day. People manage websites but there really is no clear call to action on the front page. It’s what the sports people call an “unforced error.” it’s needless because the entire concept hadn’t been thought through.

The problem with business websites is that business owners want to control everything…to their own detriment. Owners want to show everybody their latest and greatest toys while neglecting the very people they are trying to impress. They put a phone number on the front page but it’s not clickable. They put a web form for people to fill out but it’s not easy to fill out. Or worse yet, they have no clear calls to action anywhere on their site. They want to over inform about their services. In reality, though, all of this undermines what they really want – more sales. So, how does a small business owner overcome this? (more…)

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Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

Congratulations, you’re online. Now what? So what’s the big deal?

Most small business owners want to run their businesses and not have to worry about web design, hosting, domain names, WordPress, html, optimization, SEO – whatever that is! – call to action, headers, footers, content, video, mobile, responsive, user interface, user experience, blogs, search engines, social media, and logos. (more…)

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