How Many Websites Do You Really Need?

How Many Websites are Enough?

So, how many websites are enough for your business? The obvious answer is one but read a bit further. You may change your opinion after reading. The answer to this question is like answering the question, “How long is a piece of rope?”

Answer: It depends.

If you want to focus on one business website in the search engine rankings, I say, “Go for it!” If you’re convinced that you can build it up nice and strong and get all the business you need from that one site, have at it. Even if you get to the very first position on Page 1 on the very best possible keyword in your industry, there are still nine positions on that first page that could pass you by in the days and weeks ahead. What then? My guess is you do not want to win a little bit. If you could you would dominate the entire first page, am I right?

Ok, then why aren’t you dominating the entire first page?

Think about it. If a visitor searching for your best keyword lands on Page 1 and sees 7-8 sites that all have your branding or name on it, do you think you’d be considered an authority in that industry. In the words of that former governor of Alaska, “you betcha!”

Do you have to be the best in your industry to be considered the best? Well, which was a better product, Word or Wordperfect? (To those reading this who have no clue what a Wordperfect is or was, it was a more superior word processing product than Word. Microsoft completely blew it out of the water, though, with its marketing prowess. It was able to package it with other desktop products like Excel and Powerpoint, and the rest is history). So the best product doesn’t always mean it will dominate a market. It’s the same with your business. You may be the best, but if nobody can find you, you won’t benefit from being the best.

It’s all about the marketing, isn’t it?

But you don’t want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars developing websites and paying out of the nose for search engine optimization services. Well, you’re in luck. You can dominate the first page for your chosen key phrase without breaking too much of the bank. Notice I didn’t say it would be free, but your bill won’t be in the thousands.

Without going too much “into the weeds,” here are a few ways of getting more mileage out of the first pages of the search engines:

Social media. Have you ever seen a Facebook post or profile on the first page of Google ranking? Type in your own name in a search engine. It may already be ranking. Think you could build up your business Facebook page to rank? What about Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Pinterest. All of those sites could rank with a little coaxing from you. Easy to medium difficulty.

Videos. This is perhaps the best kept secret of modern day SEO. Could you create 20 2-3 minute videos explaining your industry? It’s much easier than you think. But you don’t want to give away the farm. Understandable. Chances are likely that nobody will want to do what you do because they don’t know how, even if you explain it to them step by step. That’s why they would hire you. If all the videos are helpful and of decent quality, one or two are bound to show up on page 1 for your keywords. Put a little bit of effort into it and you will be all over your industry. Then when people call you, they will be talking to a “celebrity.” It is just that easy. They feel like they know you because you are putting yourself out there! Easy to medium difficulty.

What about creating an entirely new site filled with content about your industry. Sure, this will cost a bit but you will have it for a long long time. With all links pointing to your site, again, you will be the authority. Medium difficulty because of the length of time it might take to create.

I’ve listed three distinct ways of listing more properties your company manages. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and the rewards could be more traffic to your site and more calls to your phone because of the initial bit of effort you put out.

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