Microvideo Education – The Best Kept Secret in SEO

The Best Kept Secret in SEO: Microvideo Education

If you’ve never heard of microvideo education, there’s a reason for it. It didn’t exist before today!.

Microvideo education is the best kept secret in all of the search engine optimization industry. We have all heard the statistics that 100 hours are being uploaded per minute on Youtube. That’s an amazing volume of video to consume. How, then, can a small business owner compete with such competition? I mean, how could anyone possibly get more eyes on your video than the latest Fancy Cat, Instant Karma, or a video of Justin Bieber flipping off a photographer? The good news is that you don’t need to. Let me explain.

First of all, what I mean by microvideo education is not even like the Udemy or Lynda teaching sites. Those sites are great for what they do, but this is not like that. The education I am referring to is simple: get in front of a camera and spend 2-5 minutes explaining one small part of your business. Let’s be real, in the modern world, our attention span is very low, especially since we are being bombarded hourly with videos, podcasts, blogs, ads, and entertainment. But with ultra short videos about one small topic, most people will be able to manage that.

What’s the point of Microvideo Education?

What you lack in length, you make up for in quantity. If you created 25 simple videos about 2-5 minutes in length, each one pointing to your website or with your brand and phone number plastered throughout, do you think people searching for your product or service would think you’re an authority in your industry? Absolutely. People would not only buy from you but you’d end up being a local celebrity. If you’ve ever met someone you’ve seen on television, you’ll know what I mean.

Excuse # 1: But I don’t want to give away the farm. Meaning, I don’t want to give away all my secrets.

When I suggest that people use microvideos to promote their business, people think that if they tell everyone about their business, then those potential customers won’t buy from them. The reality is the exact opposite from that. A scant few will take window-shop and move on, but most people will not want to deal with the hassles and hoops of your industry. Again, you are the authority, and people will respect that.

Examples of Microvideo Education please.

Let’s say you are a law firm specializing in DUIs. What kinds of videos should you produce? Now, I’m not a lawyer but I can ask questions.

  • Will this be on my record permanently?
  • What’s the difference between DWI and DUI?
  • What’s a bailbondsman and how can he help?
  • Do I have to spend time in jail?
  • Do I have to take a breathalyzer test when told to by a police officer?
  • What are my alternatives in a DUI case?
  • What is bail?
  • will this get into the press?
  • What if I skip bail?
  • What is the process from getting booked and getting out?
  • Are breathalyzers admissible in court?
  • Can a police officer pull me over if he suspects I’ve been drinking?
  • Is the one phone call meme really true?
  • How much will it cost approximately to get me out?

These are the types of question you should answer in one microvideo for each question. Now, are you giving away the farm? Absolutely. But do you really think a DUI suspect will want to go through the entire process without legal representation? Only the foolish would. Do you think if you had your phone number and web site splashed on each video and in the description that you might actually get calls from someone desperate to hire a DUI attorney? Of course they would.

What would the format be? Keep it simple.

  1. You introduce the question via text on the screen.
  2. Look into the camera and provide a concise answer to that question only.
  3. Write a 200-400 word description about the topic (maybe even a transcript). If you want to target local towns in your
  4. area, this is a great place to put them.
  5. Include one link to your site or to a social media site for your brand.
  6. Make sure you have a good title that contains your primary key phrase.
  7. Publish to your newly created Youtube channel.

Do you see how easy and powerful this method is? Again, these videos can apply to any industry, service, or product.

Become the authority the easy way.

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