Own All the Space in the Search Engines

How does it all work?

When you sign up with us, we’ll call you to discuss your company. The call should last less than an hour. After you send over some key information, we immediately go to work writing articles, populating directories, and developing your videos.

We’ll also set up a new website (completely separate from your existing site) that will link to your site. We have found that anytime we mess with a client’s site, it doesn’t go well for the client or for us. If you are satisfied with your site, why should we touch it? It’s much easier to create something from scratch and rank that than to get permissions to go into your site and monkey around in it. It also creates goodwill between our designers and yours. Nobody likes to have a second party come in to mess with the masterpiece someone else has created, so we design our own. Everything on that site will be focused on your site.

Video Marketing is Another Technique in Our Arsenal

As you may recall, Google bought Youtube. When they did that, it wasn’t difficult to guess what Google would be focusing on next: video. Google started to favor video submissions that used keywords to describe their subject in the same way that websites did. SEO as we know it changed forever.

That trend is still growing, and is not even close to peaking yet. The beautiful thing is, when you post a video properly and with relevant SEO, you can expect it to be on Google’s first pages for your industry within 1-2 days. The other search engine easily follows suit. Think about that. As more people continue to spend hours watching videos, those videos you posted will only increase with traffic. AS much as we don’t like to admit it, no one is reading your 2000 words articles anymore, especially when they could have the same information fed to them via video.

We saw this transition with books vs. television. Now that the horse is completely out of the barn, people will choose to watch video or listen to audio podcasts before they sit down to read what you have to write. I say, “Strike the iron while it’s hot.” While video marketing in this type of environment is still hot, latch onto the wave. You will be rewarded with new customer and a celebrity-like status.

Pull out your smart phone and voila! you have video capability. It really is that simple. Create short 2-7 minute videos about your services or products, and then send them to us. We will optimize these videos and then perform our magic to submit the videos to 25 video posting sites and directories.

Much like we do with article submissions, we get the videos indexed with the most relevant keywords to get the video to rank on the first page. The video contains a link to your site, which helps with SEO for the main website. The link and video also drive traffic from the video to your site.

If you aren’t using video in your online marketing, you are really missing the mark and a golden opportunity. And it’s not the traditional type of video marketing. It’s more informational. You become the de facto expert in your field for your area. People will see you on the streets and recognize you. For real. Does anyone else have a series of videos that are ranking for your key terms? I doubt it. You’re the guy! Instant local celebrity.

Typically there are three main objections to doing these videos:
You don’t have a video camera
You don’t like being in front of the camera or
You don’t want your face on the web.

Understandable, though the first reason is probably just an excuse. Pert near everyone has a smart phone, yes? And all smart phones have video capability. That’s fine.

Our preferred course of action is for you to talk into a camera since you are the one promoting your service. You know more about your industry and service than I could ever know. Plus, with your mug on videos, you become local celebrities. Don’t discount this point as being non-sensical or absurd.

In any event, if you’re not able to get in front of a camera, we can work with you to create several PowerPoint presentations and convert them into videos. We can also use your photos, e.g. a before and after picture set, and turn that them into videos. Essentially, we’re able to use everything at our disposal to make these videos happen.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter how we create the videos because that’s really not important aspect to this, the secret sauce as it were. That’s where we come in strong. After we make the video, we’ll edit it, optimize it, and begin ranking it. That process doesn’t change at all.

Let’s get started on your site right away. Fill out the form on the right and we will get in touch with you right away.

We look forward to working with you and hope that you find this information useful and educational.

While we are located in Allen Texas – voted the best city to live in the entire state of Texas – we provide this service to McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, and all of Collin County within the State. We can more easily provide Own Your Zip Code service outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, especially if we are already working with one industry. We will not step on the toes of our clients by ranking their competitors. If we determine they are not competition, they are fair game.

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